What do we do?

We specialise in the detection and repair of swimming pool leaks.

When our client informs us of a swimming pool leak or water loss from their pool, we begin with a full swimming pool survey. This involves pressure testing all lines, dye testing around fixtures and fittings and a full visual inspection and underground line trace with our fibre optic camera.

Locating the source of the leak is usually straightforward and speedy. Our solution to solving the leak in the event of leaking pipes is to use our unique Pipe Repair Sleeve.

This is a non excavation repair for all swimming pool pipework, including Skimmers, Returns, Vacuum Lines and Sumps/Waste. We are able to repair all sizes of pipe, including going round 45 and 90 degree bends. This remedial work can be undertaken while the swimming pool is full and still in use. We have qualified divers, meaning the repair work can be done without emptying the pool.

We are also able to offer services in general swimming pool maintenance, repair and refurbishment.

Also available in: French